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Faculty & Staff

Core Faculty

Idit Ben-Simon Headshot
Idit Ben-Simon
Assistant Teaching Professor
S-302 Callaway South
Sam Cherribi Headshot
Sam Cherribi
Associate Teaching Professor
S-309 Callaway South
Rkia Elaroui Cornell Headshot
Rkia Elaroui Cornell
Teaching Professor and Language Coordinator in Arabic
S-315 Callaway South
Vincent  J. Cornell Headshot
Vincent J. Cornell
Asa Griggs Candler Professor
S-317 Callaway South
Kevin Corrigan Headshot
Kevin Corrigan
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
S-421 Callaway South
Petra Creamer Headshot
Petra Creamer
Assistant Professor
S-321 Callaway South
Thomas Simsarian Dolan Headshot
Thomas Simsarian Dolan
ACLS Postdoctoral Fellow
S-312 Callaway South
Courtney Freer Headshot
Courtney Freer
Visiting Assistant Professor
S-312 Callaway South
Pazit Kahlon Shelnutt Headshot
Pazit Kahlon Shelnutt
Assistant Teaching Professor and Language Coordinator in Hebrew
S-306-A Callaway South
Harshita Mruthinti Kamath Headshot
Harshita Mruthinti Kamath
Visweswara Rao and Sita Koppaka Associate Professor in Telugu Culture, Literature and History
S-306-B Callaway South
Scott Kugle Headshot
Scott Kugle
S-320 Callaway South
Ruby Lal Headshot
Ruby Lal
S-316 Callaway South
Geoffrey Levin Headshot
Geoffrey Levin
Assistant Professor
S-301 Callaway South
Roxani Margariti Headshot
Roxani Margariti
Associate Professor
S-308 Callaway South
Mehtap Ozdemir Headshot
Mehtap Ozdemir
Postdoctoral Fellow
S-106-B Callaway South
Craig Perry Headshot
Craig Perry
Assistant Professor
S-307 Callaway South
Tsepak Rigzin Headshot
Tsepak Rigzin
Assistant Teaching Professor and Language Coordinator in Tibetan
S-303 Callaway South
Brajesh Samarth Headshot
Brajesh Samarth
Teaching Professor and Language Coordinator in Hindi-Urdu
S-304-B Callaway South
Hossein Samei Headshot
Hossein Samei
Associate Teaching Professor and Language Coordinator in Persian
S-304-C Callaway South
Sagit Shaked Headshot
Sagit Shaked
Adjunct Professor
S-302 Callaway South
Gehane Y. Shehata Headshot
Gehane Y. Shehata
Associate Teaching Professor
S-310 Callaway South
Kashika Singh Headshot
Kashika Singh
Teaching Professor
Anthropology 304
Devin J. Stewart Headshot
Devin J. Stewart
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
S-312 Callaway South
Nargis Ali Virani Headshot
Nargis Ali Virani
Associate Teaching Professor
S-305 Callaway South
Ofra Yeglin Headshot
Ofra Yeglin
Associate Professor
S-318 Callaway South

Affiliated Faculty

Deepika Bahri
Professor of English
Sandra Blakely
Associate Professor of Classics
Alicia DeNicola
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Oxford College
William K. Gilders
Associate Professor of Religion
Sara McClintock
Associate Professor of Religion
Gyanendra Pandey
Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of History
Michael Peletz
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Anthropology
Gautham Reddy
South Asian Studies Librarian, Woodruff Library
Didem Uca
Assistant Professor of German Studies

Emeritus Faculty

Oded Borowski Headshot
Oded Borowski
Professor Emeritus
S-312 Callaway South


Juana Clem McGhee Headshot
Juana Clem McGhee
Academic Department Administrator Senior
S-312 Callaway South
Shikina Harrison Headshot
Shikina Harrison
Program Coordinator
S-312 Callaway South