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Hossein SameiAssociate Teaching Professor and Language Coordinator in Persian



  • Ph.D., Linguistics, Tehran University
  • M.A., Linguistics, Tehran University
  • B.A., Persian Literature, National University of Iran

Teaching/Research Areas

  • Teaching Persian as a Second Language
  • Lexicography
  • Linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Persian Literature
  • Persian Grammar

Books Published

  • Grammar and Linguistics (Article collection), Tehran: Bahar Publishers, 2020
  • Persian Dictionaries (Article Collection), Tehran: Bahar Publishers, 2020
  • Principals of Lexicography, Tehran, Bahar Publishers, 2020
  • Persian Morphology, Tehran: Bahar Publishers, 2017
  • Persian Word-Formation: A Theoretical Analysis. Tehran: Bahar Publishers, 2016
  • Word Formation Patterns in Persian. Tehran: Academy of Persian Language and Literature, 2014
  • Persian Grammar. (Co-authored with A.M. Haghshenas, M. Samai & M. Tabatabai). Tehran: Iranian Ministry of Education, 2007
  • Qajar Dictionary of Police and Military Terminology. (Co-author, with Y. Modarresi & Z. Safavi). Tehran: Cultural Research Bureau, 2002
  • A Millennium English-Persian Dictionary 2 volumes. (Co-author, with A. M. Haghshenas & N. Entekhabi). Tehran:  Farhang Moaser Publishers, 2000