MESAS Minors

MESAS offers a minor with two possible tracks, either Middle East or South Asia.  The requirements in each track include a core course, two language courses, and two or three elective courses.

MESAS also offers undergraduate language minors in Arabic, Modern Hebrew, Hindi, and Persian.

Students obtain a language minor by completing the first five courses in the respective language sequence (101, 102, 201, 202, and 301) and either 302 or an approved course in the literature of the particular language. Students with previous knowledge of a language above the intermediate level may obtain a minor by taking three additional language courses above their present level in addition to an approved course in literature of the particular language.

In addition, students may obtain the minor in Mediterranean Archaeology by taking five courses, completing at least one course in each of three distinct areas represented by the program: classical archaeology, Egyptology, and biblical archaeology.  These courses should be archaeologically oriented.  Students should take one course in archaeological methodology or with a strong methodological component.  This requirement can be fulfilled by one of the three required courses, or by participation in an on-site summer field school like the Lahav Field School run by MESAS faculty member Oded Borowski at Tell Halif.  One of the five courses can be from a related field.  All courses should be pre-approved by the director of the program.

For general questions about MESAS minors, contact:

Dr. Harshita Kamath, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Shikina Harrison, M.S., Program Coordinator


Tell Halif archaeology site

Tell Halif archaeology site for Lahav Field School led by Oded Borowski
For more information about Tell Halif, visit the project website