Minor in Mediterranean Archaeology

The Mediterranean Archaeology Program brings together courses that deal with the material culture of peoples from the Mediterranean basin, ranging from the Ancient Near East to the classical world and from the earliest times to late antiquity. The Program aims to provide context and background for philological, historical and cultural explorations taking place in other academic programs. Three distinct areas are represented in the course offerings: the classical world, Egypt, and biblical archaeology. The requirements for the minor attempt to reflect each of these areas.


Students who pursue a minor in Mediterranean Archaeology must complete a minimun of five courses:

  1. One course in each of the three areas represented in the program: Biblical Archaeology, the Classical World, and Egyptology.
  2. One course devoted to methodology or with a strong methodological component. This requirement can be fulfilled by participation in an on-site field school program.
  3. One additional course from the list of approved, related courses.


  • Sandra Blakely (Classics)
  • Billie Jean Collins (MESAS)
  • Petra Creamer (MESAS)
  • Roxani Margariti (MESAS)
  • Louise Pratt (Classics)
  • Eric R. Varner (Classics)
  • Bonna D. Wescoat (Art History)

Associated Faculty

  • Peter Bing (Classics)
  • William Gilders (Religion)

Courses in Mediterranean Archaeology

Art History

  • HART 213/MES 370M Ancient Egyptian Art 3000-1550 BC
  • HART 214 Ancient Near Eastern Art, 1550-30 BC
  • HART 221 (CL 229J) The Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece
  • HART 222 The Art and Architecture of Ancient Rome
  • HART 319 Special Studies in Ancient Egyptian Art
  • HART 329* Methods in Archaeology
  • HART 429J (CL 487H) The House of Athena


  • CL 103 Greek Archaeology
  • CL 104 Ancient Cities and Urban Culture
  • CL 329/HART 329 Monuments and Topography of Ancient Rome
  • CL 329/HART 329 Pompeii, Herculanum and Ostia: the Urban Fabric of Roman Daily Life

Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies

  • MESAS 250/REL 260* Archaeology and the Bible
  • MESAS 259/REL 261R* Field Work in Biblical Archaeology (also ANTH 422)
  • MESAS 251/REL 370J Daily Live in Ancient Israel
  • MESAS 252/REL 370 The Archaeology of Jerusalem
  • MESAS 255 Topics in Mediterranean Archaeology
  • MESAS 370J/CL 3290 Art and Archaeology of Ancient turkey (also HART 393L)
  • MESAS 475R/JS 730J Special Topics in Biblical Archaeology

Candler School of Theology

  • OT 311 Lands of the Bible