Study Abroad

Emory students at DharamsalaFor information about study abroad programs in the Middle East and South Asia, contact Emory College Office of International and Summer Programs (OISP).

Arabic students at the advanced level might consider the Center for Arabic Study Abroad.

The following College and Departmental guidelines apply for students wishing to take Middle Eastern and South Asian language courses (Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Persian, Tibetan) for credit at foreign universities:

  1. All credits for transfer from an institution outside Emory to be listed toward Emory credits must be pre-approved. After the fact approval is not supported, so, if you wish to receive credit, seek approval through official channels before enrolling in a foreign program. Approval may include the support of a faculty advisor, but a faculty member's approval is not enough.
  2. Undergraduates who have not exceeded sixty-four (64) hours can request permission to take domestic summer school classes through the Office for Undergraduate Education, but permission for any courses taken abroad must be requested through OISP.
  3. Undergraduates who have exceeded sixty-four (64) hours will need to seek permission to receive credits through an approved Study Abroad program administered by OISP. Again, permission must be arranged in advance.
  4. In those cases where there is no approved official Emory program in the language or country area, special permission may be worked out through consultation with OISP and MESAS. Permission is NOT automatically granted. For this reason, it is advisable to start the permission seeking process well in advance of any registration.
  5. Undergraduates who do not receive permission for credits may, nevertheless, receive placement at a more advanced level for the language work done abroad. Since programs vary in intent and content, students are advised to check with the language coordinators in MESAS before signing up for any particular program. This will assure that there will be clear expectations about future placement.