South Asia Courses

Below is a partial listing of South Asia courses offered by numerous departments; course offerings vary each semester.

The courses listed on this page may have some content related to South Asia; however, not all courses on this page will be eligible to fulfill requirements for the MESAS major or MESAS minor.  Please refer to the pages linked below for more information regarding the requirements.

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Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies

MESAS 102          Intro to South Asian Civilizations

MESAS 130          Harem Tales

MESAS 160          Sacred Texts of Middle East and South Asia

MESAS 190          Hindu Myth:  Stories of God

MESAS 190          God, Kings and Sages

MESAS 202          South Asian History and Identity

MESAS 203          Viewing Middle East and South Asia

MESAS 270          Modern India through its Literature

MESAS 270          Popular Culture in South Asia

MESAS 270          Tibetan History

MESAS 300          Beyond Borders:  Imagine Middle East and South Asia

MESAS 304          South Asian Epics

MESAS 311          The Sufi Way

MESAS 335          South Asian Languages, Politics and Identity

MESAS 337          Women in India

MESAS 362          Trade and Travel in Middle East and South Asia

MESAS 365          Orientalism:  Self and Other

MESAS 370          Cultural Nationalism in India

MESAS 370          Gandhi:  Non-Violence and Freedom

MESAS 370          Family in South Asia

MESAS 370          Hyderabad

MESAS 370          Intro to Reading/Writing Urdu

MESAS 370          Urdu Literary Culture

MESAS 370          Tibetan Culture

MESAS 490          Senior Seminar in MESAS

HNDI 101            Elementary Hindi I

HNDI 102            Elementary Hindi II

HNDI 201            Intermediate Hindi I

HNDI 202            Intermediate Hindi II

HNDI 301            Advanced Hindi I

HNDI 302            Advanced Hindi II

HNDI 410            Advanced Language and Culture

TBT 101              Elementary Tibetan I

TBT 102              Elementary Tibetan II

TBT 201              Intermediate Tibetan I

TBT 202              Intermediate Tibetan II

Golden Temple; Amritsar, India

Photo of Golden Temple; Amritsar, India

Department of Religion

REL 100                 Intro to Religion:  Christianity and Hinduism

REL 100                 Intro to Religion:  Buddhism and Christianity

REL 100                 Intro to Religion:  Hinduism and Judaism

REL 190                 Religion and Politics

REL 190                 Buddhism and Social Change

REL 190                 Buddhist Women through the Ages

REL 190                 Meditation, Science and Religion

REL 200                 Religion and Contemporary Experience

REL 210                 Buddhist Narrative Literature

REL 212                 Asian Religious Traditions

REL 300                 Interpreting Religion

REL 301                 Early and Medieval Hinduism

REL 302                 Religions in Colonial India

REL 303                 Modern Hinduism

REL 305                 Introduction to Buddhism

REL 306                 Tibetan Buddhism:  Psychology of Enlightenment

REL 310                 Modern Buddhism

REL 328                 Women, Religion and Ethnography

REL 334                 Dance and Embodied Knowledge

REL 353                 Mystical Thought and Practice

REL 354                 Secular Ethics:  The Dalai Lama¿s Approach

REL 358                 Buddhist Meditation

REL 358                 Tibetan and Western Perspectives

REL 358                 Religion and Healing

REL 369                 Religion, Film and Media:  Picturing Tibet

REL 370                 Tibetan Mandalas

REL 370                 Religion and Visual Culture

REL 370                 Buddhism and Activism

REL 370                 Life and Works of the Dalai Lama

REL 490                 Senior Symposium:  Critique of Religion

Other Departments

ENG 214                Global Literature in English

ENG 345                Post-Colonial Literature

HIST 265               Making of Modern South Asia

HIST 489               Partition:  British India, 1947

POLS 385              South Asian Politics since 1945

POLS 385              India Today:  Politics, Economics, Innovation, Sustainability

MUS 200               Music, Culture and Society

MUS 270               Sacred Soundscapes:  Music and Religion

MUS 300               Music Ensemble