Courtney Freer

Courtney Freer 

Visiting Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern Studies

MESAS Admin Office:  S-312 Callaway Center


Curriculum Vitae

Courtney Freer joins Emory after serving as Assistant Professorial Research Fellow at the Middle East Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) since 2015. She is also a Nonresident Fellow in the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution.

Her academic work focuses on the domestic politics of the Arab Gulf states and Islamism. She received her DPhil in Politics from the University of Oxford in 2015, having written a thesis revising rentier state theory by examining the socio-political role played by Muslim Brotherhood groups in Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  The findings of this work were published by Oxford University Press in 2018 as Rentier Islamism: The Influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gulf Monarchies. She previously worked at the Brookings Doha Center in Qatar and the U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council in Washington, DC, and holds a BA in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from The George Washington University.