Oded Borowski

Oded Borowski

Professor Emeritus of Biblical Archaeology & Hebrew

Office: S-312 Callaway Center

Email: oborows@emory.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Oded Borowski has been teaching at Emory University since 1977. Born in Palestine in 1939, he was a member of Kibbutz Lahav, in the northeastern Negev.  While at Lahav, he was engaged in agriculture, growing field crops and fruit trees, and herding sheep and cattle. During that time, Borowski studied at the Absalom Institute for Homeland Studies in Tel Aviv, an institute dedicated to the study of all aspects of the land including geology, botany, archeology, history and culture, among other things.

Borowski continued his studies in Detroit where he received a BHL (Bachelors of Hebrew Letters) from the Midrasha/College of Jewish Studies, and a BA in Anthropology and History from Wayne State University. He received his MA/PHD in Near Eastern Studies from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His dissertation, which became his first book, deals with agriculture during the Iron Age in Israel. Borowski participated in archeological excavations since the early 1970s (Gezer, Dan, Ashkelon, Beth Shemesh), and in 1976 helped initiate the Lahav Research Project that has been engaged in excavations and survey in Tel Halif and its environs.  Presently, Borowski is co-director of Phase III and directs Phase IV of the project.

Upon arrival at Emory, Dr. Borowski joined the Romance Languages Department, where he founded both the Hebrew and Arabic language programs. In 1988 under his direction, Emory had created a new department named Near Eastern Studies, which today is Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies. Currently, Professor Borowski teaches classes on the undergraduate and graduate level. His courses include: Archaeology and the Bible, Daily Life in Ancient Israel, Archaeology of Jerusalem, Exodus from Egypt and Settlement of Canaan, and Ancient Israel¿s Neighbors.

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MESAS hosted a celebration in honor of Dr. Borowski in March 2018; link to video of event.