Events Archive 2020 - 2021

MESAS Department

September 21


Michael Cooperson, Professor
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures,
University of California at Los Angeles
"Language Learning and Social Mobility:
Evidence from Al-Hariri's Maqamat"

February 22

David Fishman, Professor
Jewish History, Jewish Theological Seminary
"The Book Smugglers of the Vilna Ghetto:
A Story of Spiritual Resistance"

April 9

Devin Stewart, Professor
MESAS Department, Emory University
"Form Criticism and the Interpretation of
Islam's Sacred Text"
April 16

Yacine Daddi Addoun, Visiting Assistant Professor
MESAS Department, Emory University
"Manumission and the Opprobrium of Slavery:
Analysis of Documents from 19th Century
Ottoman Algeria"


April 28

Kyra Mevert, Independent Writer
"Contemporary Transnational Literary and Cultural
Production and Social Media as a Creative Outlet"

South Asia Seminar Series

September 20      

Isaac Foster, PhD Candidate
Islamic Civilizations Studies, Emory University
"The Flow of Cash in Sufi Ritual Music"

October 19         

Ved Patel, PhD Candidate
Graduate Division of Religion, Emory University
"Golden Bangles and Hungry Buffaloes:
Remembering Seva after the 2001 Kutch Earthquake"

March 21

John Guy, Curator
Metropolitan Museum of Art
"Early Indian Textile Trade to West Asia
and its Indonesian Afterlife"

March 25

Aliyah Khan, Associate Professor
English Language and Literature, University of Michigan
"Far from Mecca: Globalizing the Muslim Caribbean"

April 11

Elizabeth Lambourn, Professor
Material Histories, De Montfort University
"Wondrous Worlds Connected:
Life at the Sea in the Islamic World"