Events Archive 2014 - 2015

MESAS Department

April 2                

Reza Shah-Kazemi
"From Tolerance to Reverence: Spirituality and Universality in Islam"

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Program in Mediterranean Archaeology

October 5             

Tom McCollough
"A Suitable Place for a Wedding and a Miracle: Finding the True Cana of Galilee"

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November 2  

Daniel Master
"The Rise of the Philistines at the Seaport of Ashkelon"

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February 15

Edward Stratford
"Merchant Letters, Human Time"

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South Asia Seminar Series

September 24            

Cecilia Van Hollen
"Birth in the Age of AIDS: Women, Reproduction and HIV/AIDS in India"

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November 4

Deepika Bahri
"Postcolonial Biology: Empire, Psyche, Flesh"

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March 3

Jenn Ortegren
"Dharma, Class and Aspiration: The Shifting Religious Worlds of Urban Rajasthani Women"

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April 7

Molly Emma Aitken
"Loved beyond Reach: Mughal Paintings of Indian Heroines"

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April 27

Phyllis Granoff
"A Space for Tolerance: Responses to Other Religious Groups in Medieval Indian Literature"

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Telugu Studies

March 26          

An Evening of Telugu Arts                                              

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