Naama Harel

Naama Harel

Lecturer in Hebrew

Office: S-301 Callaway Center

Phone: 404-727-9502


Curriculum Vitae

Naama Harel received her B.A. (1998) and M.A. (2003) in Poetics and Comparative Literature from Tel-Aviv University and Ph.D. (2009) in Hebrew and Comparative Literature from University of Haifa. Dr. Harel also graduated (2008) the extended course for training Hebrew teachers at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She has taught Modern Hebrew and Hebrew literature courses at the Hebrew University and Shanghai International Studies University. Her published articles critically examine the representation of nonhuman animals in literature, dealing with various aspects, such as anthropomorphism, metamorphosis, hybridity and interspecies liminality. She is also an editorial advisory board member and book review editor of Animal and Society: The Israeli Journal for the Connection between People and Animals. In her current research project, Compassion towards Animals in Fin de siècle Jewish Literature, which integrates her interest in both animal studies and Jewish literature, she analyzes Hebrew and Yiddish literary texts through the lens of the Jewish tradition of "pity for the animals" (Tza'ar Ba'aley Ha'yim).